I'm writing down about the things I'm exploring

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Hi! It's been a long time since my last post(around 2 months). So, I wanted to bring your attention to this thing I have been doing.

Writing notes!

This is a repository that contains my thoughts and notes that I write down while learning about a certain technology. I think writing down about the process from the beginning helps me track the concept I learned previously. Whenever a new keyword comes, I look into my notes and determine whether I'm familiar with that keyword or not. That's how my ADHD brain works(i'm not really sure if I have mild ADHD or not) 🤷.

I make an extra effort to make these notes as self contained and understable as possible, and they are open-source, so feel free to check them out!

There's not much to read right now, but I have a bunch of stuff to explore in the future.

Here's a screengrab: Notes list

Not sure about the frequency of new notes, but I plan on taking some time out of my day to make some.



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