Hi 👋

Welcome to my smol corner on the internet where I write blogs, and showoff my projects :)

I'm a fullstack web developer, and an Open Sourcerer. My interests include exploring various technologies such as Web, DevOps, Low-level programming, Compilers, etc. I did Google Summer of Code(GSoC) 2021 at Postman, and I'm currently a maintainer at AsyncAPI where I maintain the diff library.

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What am I doing these days

Random Facts

Checkout the list of things I use.


This is what my desktop currently looks like. I'm using Pop-OS as my daily driver(I distro hop a lot), and VSCode. I left Vim. Too much to configure :(

My desktop


My current editor is VSCode. Here's how it looks right now. Editor font: Julia Mono, Terminal Font: Zed Mono, and Vitesse Dark theme.

My editor


This is my current keyboard. Keychron K2-V2, with red switches.

My current keyboard

Look at this big boi!


I use VSCode, with vim extension as my IDE. Kitty as my terminal. I use either Fira Code, Julia Mono, Calling Code or Zed Mono as my font. I love the Vitesse Dark theme by Anthony Fu. Notion, Kitty(terminal), and Firefox.

You can reach out to me through the links below :)