Hi 👋

Hey! I'm a fullstack web developer, and an Open-Source enthusiast. My interest includes exploring various technologies such as Docker(DevOps), Low-level programming, Compilers, etc. Currently, I'm an undergrad student studying at JIIT, Noida. I did Google Summer of Code(GSoC) 2021 at Postman, and I'm currently a maintainer at AsyncAPI where I maintain the diff library.

Welcome to my smol corner on the internet where I write blogs, and showoff my projects :)

This site has no creepy ads, no paywalls, and no analytics. I like to write blogs to share with other people, and hopefully connect with them.

What am I doing these days


Just some random stuff.


This is what my desktop currently looks like. I'm using Pop-OS as my daily driver(I distro hop a lot), and VSCode. I left Vim. Too much to configure :(

My desktop


My current editor is VSCode. Here's how it looks right now. Editor font: Calling Code, Terminal Font: Iosevka, and default dark theme.

My editor


This is my current keyboard. Keychron K2-V2, with red switches. I love it! I have been eyeing NuPhy Air 60/75 as well, but they don't currently ship in India :(

My current keyboard

Look at this big boi!


I spoke at AsyncAPI conference 2021 about my Google Summer of Code project AsyncAPI diff. Checkout the talk here.

I spoke at DelhiFOSS on October2022 about Elixir and what makes it great.

Gave a workshop on Scratch at CodeDay Delhi 2022.


I use VSCode, with vim extension as my IDE. Kitty as my terminal. I use either `Fira Code` or `Julia Mono` as my font. I love the Vitesse Dark theme by Anthony Fu. I use Notion as my primary note taking/todo list app. I use Kitty as my default terminal, and Firefox for my day to day internet surfing.

What's in the name?

As you might already know, I go by aayushmau5 on the internet. This name is inspired by deadmau5, an electronic music producer(I hope he doesn't sue me for this XD). I love his music. This guy introduced me to real electronic music. Filled with melody, and emotion. Been a fan since 2016.


Some highlights of my life.

November 2022

Attended and gave workshop at CodeDay Delhi

Gave a workshop on scratch for highschool folks. Had a fun night hacking on some projects and helping people.

October 2022

Gave talk at DelhiFOSS

Organized by IndiaFOSS. Talked about Elixir, and what makes it great. My first in-person talk :) Met a lot of awesome folks.

June 2022

Started exploring elixir

One of the best decisions I have ever made. I just looooove elixir, and its ecosystem. It felt like home for some reason, and kinda revived my love for programming.

April 2022

Full-Stack intern at Beatoven.ai

Really love working here!

November 2021

Gave talk at AsyncAPI conf

About my GSoC project: AsyncAPI diff

June - December 2021

Software intern at Basic roots consulting

Worked with AWS and lots of JS

June - August 2021

GSoC mentee at Postman

Started contributing to AsyncAPI org, and did GSoC there. I worked on the AsyncAPI diff library

August 2020

Started contributing to Open-Source ❤️

Fell in love with the concept of open-source and started contributing to various projects


Global pandemic COVID-19 hit

Lockdown happened, and I was home for 2 years. Got the perfect opportunity to start learning and exploring web dev and stuff

August 2019

Got into college

At JIIT, Noida


Took a drop to prepare for JEE

Though I didn't get selected lol


Graduated School

Fun days!




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