Technologies I want to learn in 2023

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With the year 2023 so close, these are the techs I want to learn next year.

  • Rust(Programming Language): Late to the party, I know. I have to see for myself what's the hype about.

  • Remix(Web framework): Ever since I have tried Elixir and Phoenix framework, I'm looking for something similar that provide those level of DX, and I think remix may come close(or even better). So, I'm gonna definitely try out remix this year.

  • ThreeJS(3D JS library): I have been interested in 3d modeling and stuff, so gonna check out threejs.

  • Tauri(Desktop framework): Gonna try to make some desktop application which I feel missing in Linux.

  • Serverless and Edge frameworks: Hearing a lot about edge, and how people were able to run react on the edge to get fast response.

Not sure whether I'll be able to do this all. Life happens and something else might come up, let's see.

That's it for the things I want to learn next year!

Happy new year!


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