Technologies I learned in 2022

These are the technologies in learned in 2022 and my thoughts on them

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Now that it's the end of the year 2022, these are the things I learned this year.

  • Elixir(programming language): Elixir is probably the best thing I learned this year. Elixir and the BEAM VM packs a lot. The developer experience is so good. Tools such as Mix, IEx, and Livebook take elixir to the next level. I definitely wanna try more of it next year.

  • Phoenix Framework(Web framework): Phoenix is a framework written in elixir. I'm haven't used a lot of frameworks, but phoenix had to be one of the best(alongside NextJS). With Liveview, it's pretty easy to make SPA like websites.

  • React Native Expo(App development): I learned React Native through Expo since running RN directly in the android emulator is a pain, and my laptop cannot handle android studio. With expo, I get to run RN directly on my mobile. With hot reloading, familiar syntax & awesome docs, expo is the best tool for RN for me. Haven't made any projects as such, but I'll definitely make something with it next year.

  • Sonic Pi(Code to Music): Sonic Pi is a code-based music generation software. I haven't made any music using it but I'll get serious about it next year.

  • Flask(Python web framework): I had to learn flask for my work and I like it. Haven't used Python much before, but so far I like it.

Pretty interesting year! That's it for my 2022 tech list.


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