Things I want to do someday

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I want to explore a lot of things in life. Mainly revolving around tech. It's so much fun.

Here's a list of things I want to explore someday. This list arises from me spending my time watching other people doing that thing.

  • I want to explore IoT stuff, mainly working with arduino or raspberry pi. Ever since I got to know that Elixir works on embedded device using the Nerves project, I wanna do make something with it.
  • Learn piano. So I can play/make some sick tunes.
  • Make electronic music, got inspired by deadmau5.
  • Explore 3d stuff using blender, cinema4d. Again inspired by mr. mau5(watching his work on cubev3).
  • Explore photography. I wanna capture how I look at life through photography.
  • Pixel art. It's cool.
  • Make a game. Either as a website using Phoenix framework, or use a proper game engine to make games.
  • Making an OS. Really want to know how stuff works behind the scenes.
  • Make a new programming language. Nothing serious, I don't wanna create another JS lol.
  • Learning how a CPU works. Like really how it works. It boggles my mind how everything is basically 1s and 0s at the end of the day.
  • Read "The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy".
  • Read 1984. I did read a few chapters, but gave up.
  • Make a new editor theme(for vim, vscode), make a new font. I have to figure out how it should look like though.
  • Writing regularly. I have a bunch of blog ideas, but I suck at writing, so this is something I wanna overcome.
  • Delete my linkedin(or most of social media). I don't like it.
  • Setup a gaming/work PC. It should work flawlessly with Linux.
  • Astronomy. I just like looking at stars so much. I'd like to take pictures of galaxies, explore how the universe works on a deeper level, etc.
  • Configure Vim. Properly :p
  • Learn haskell, clojure, etc.(go deeper into FP)

and probably a lot more stuff that I don't remember now.

A lot of things to do. Who knows if I'll get the time to do those things or not. Just living in the moment ✌️


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