Hello, World!

The beginning of something new and exciting

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Earth from space
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console.log("Hello, World!");

Welcome to my first post(or blog).

The idea of making blogs has always been in back of my mind, but I finally got to make it after reading this article by swyx.

Whatever your thing is, make the thing you wish you had found when you were learning. Don't judge your results by "claps" or retweets or stars or upvotes - just talk to yourself from 3 months ago. I keep an almost-daily dev blog written for no one else but me.

This paragraph gave me the reason to start my own blog. The idea of making things for myself and others(I hope so) which would help me and others learn and grow is something I have always loved.

So, the idea came to life with this blog :D

I'm gonna make blogs about My experience, what I have learned while making certain project, contributing to open-source and somethings related to a certain piece of technology.

Safe to say, I will come back to this page from time to time just to remind myself why I started.

It's an exiciting time in my life right now(well, not really but I'm excited about this project)

The end

I don't know what more to write :p


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